Linguaskill | Placement and Progress Test

Linguaskill | Placement and Progress Test

The accurate English test by Cambridge offers fast results and is completely flexible. Take it whenever you want, from home or any quiet location.

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What is Linguaskill - Placement and Progress Test?

Linguaskill Placement and Progress Test is the preferred choice for a precise evaluation of Cambridge English proficiency, extensively used by organisations and educational institutions around the world. It offers various levels and can be tailored to meet a candidate´s specific needs, be it a module of reading, listening, speaking, or writing. This Linguaskill test, with remote proctoring, allows the candidate to conveniently demonstrate English language proficiency, all from the comfort of their own home.

Linguaskill with Swiss Exams: easy to conduct, fast results

Why take Linguaskill, the Placement and Progress Test?

Discover the key advantages of opting for the Linguaskill English level test with Swiss Exams:

  • Easy to conduct: take the Linguaskill test from the comfort of your home, as it's fully accessible online.
  • Fast results: experience fast delivery of results.
  • Flexible dates: choose the test date that aligns with your schedule.
  • Wide level range: showcase your English proficiency up to a level as high as C1 or higher.

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Two Linguaskill Placement and Progress Test formats

There are two Linguaskill test formats you can choose from: General English and Business English. These formats are ideal for diverse language assessment needs.

Linguaskill General English

Linguaskill General English format evaluates English language skills relevant to everyday life, making it an ideal choice for university admissions, departures, and recruitment in non-industry-specific roles. This format test themes include studying and working, making plans, travel, and technology.

Linguaskill Business English

Linguaskill Business English format serves for a corporate and business context, making it most suitable for hiring in organizations where employees must be well-versed in the language of commerce. This Linguaskill format revolves around product and service transactions, office operations, business travel, and human resources.

Important: The Business English format should not be considered an alternative for Business English Certificates (BEC), as it doesn´t come with certification. If you require a certified BEC alternative, Linguaskill Business Certified is the right option to explore.

How is Linguaskill Placement and Progress Test used?

Linguaskill by Cambridge for Education institutions

Linguaskill Placement and Progress Test provides an efficient way to assess English language levels on admission, monitor progression and check your students meet language requirements for graduation.

  • Admissions: Assess students’ language levels on admission.
  • Graduation: Prove your students meet exit requirements.

Linguaskill by Cambridge for Employers

You can use Linguaskill, the Placement and Progress Test in recruitment to ensure applicants have the right language skills for a role, or to measure the effectiveness of staff language training.

  • Recruitment: Hire employees with the right English skills.
  • Progression: Measure improvement in language ability over time.

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Linguaskill preparation material and more

Linguaskill preparation and training are crucial for success, and we provide Linguaskill practice tests and Linguaskill preparation materials to assist you. You can take the Linguaskill practice test to get a feel for the Linguaskill exam format.

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